Sierra Bicycle Works - Rip Off

San Bernardino, California 2 comments

Sierra Bicycle Works

1709 E Highland Ave, San Bernardino, CA 92404

this place is a RIP-OFF - What they charged me for 1 rim/tire I could have purchased a whole bike at wal-mart & gotten 2 tires/rims - because what they sold me is the same as what wal-mart has on there bikes.

Or could have gotten 3 tires for my car.

It is your chose to go there but in my opion they are charging way to much for there parts, but you may not have a chose but to go there unless you can find a good shop that is not in the business of ripping off the public.

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Los Angeles, California, United States #705741

Or, you could buy the *** parts at Walmart and do it yourself. It really isn't hard to change a bike tube/tire.

Murfreesboro, Tennessee, United States #699568

The fact that you could buy 3 tires for your car for $83 is proof enough that you consistently buy *** products.And I can promise that the rime and tire they put on the bike were probably the most valuable things on the bike afterwards.

If you are okay with *** quality, buy a new *** bike at wal-mart, Assembled with 0 expertise by whoever had free time in the stockroom.You embarrass yourself, similar to complaining that a $12 hamburger at a nice restaurant is too expensive simply because you can get a McBurger for 25% of that.

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